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For almost 15 years, CarteSoft has been offering consultancy and advisory services in the domain of IT architecture. Our preferred partners Oracle, Amazon AWS, RedHat, Microsoft and Rcarré / Rcube. Together, we strive for technical excellence in relational database management, Linux and docker orchestrators. We are also there to support you with designing your IT infrastructure to make it highly available and secure.

Availability of your data and security of your systems

Whether they are hosted with one of the main cloud infrastructure providers (AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle) or in your datacenter, we can guarantee the availability and security of your systems.

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Surveillance of your systems and data

To respond to the new challenges posed by new regulations such as GDPR, we offer you our expertise in systems and data audits.

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Permanence of your data and systems

Currently, your data is one of the most critical assets for your company. Losing it could be catastrophic for your business. We aim to protect your data to allow you to manage your business securely.

We will soon have a full range of services on this subject !

Availability of human resources

We work with you to come up with the solution that is best adapted to the technological challenges you are facing. Our technical experts work closely with your teams to help you to succeed with even the most complex IT projects.

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S.O.S Urgent fixes

It may be that we haven’t yet had the opportunity to work together and that you currently have major difficulties to solve in a very short space of time. If this is the case and you think we might be able to help, call us on +352.288.007.46 and we will do everything in our power to come and assist you.

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We have been working with Cartesoft since 2009 They have helped us to see several projects through to completion:server park installation/migration, Oracle database management, Oracle ID management, setting up an OpenShift environment and maintenance contract.

We especially appreciated their high degree of availability and themeasures they took at different levels which were both proactive and reactive. CarteSoft is also accustomed to looking for solutions that are in line with our budget.

If I were asked to highlight 3 of their biggest strengths, I would say: competence,direct lines of communicationand personalised customer service.

We appreciate the type of client relationship they offer us: a constructive basis for pushing thoughsolutions that will work over the long term.

We are only too pleased to recommend this long-standing partner who develops bespoke solutions in line with URBSFA’s IT strategy.

Landsheere Koen

Agile digital IT Manager, URBSFA

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