The highest level of security for your systems

You need to be able to guarantee the highest degree of security and control for your systems. We provide you with the tools you need.

Control & security of your environment

Our starting point: your system logs are a mine of valuable information.
We offer you the cutting-edge tools you need to make the most of them.

If you pay attention to these security points, our tools will assist you in:

  • Detecting a single login attempt on each one of your systems during the last 20 minutes (and it doesn’t look like a DDOS);
  • Being able to track the activity of one of your users in the past 3 months;
  • If one of your file systems starts to fill up, you ought to receive a warning at 80% capacity and a critical alert at 90%;
  • You should be informed immediately if one of your systems reaches (even briefly) abnormal CPU usage;
  • You should be alerted immediately if one of your applications is experiencing unusually long response times;
  • You should be alerted if one of your applications can be accessed from your internal network but not from the internet;
  • This list is far from exhaustive. Tell us about your specific needs. We will do our utmost to respond to them.

Monitoring systems :

Which components can we monitor?

  • All Linux systems;
  • All Windows systems;
  • The full range of relational databases (Oracle / Sql Server / Postgresql / Mysql & Maria DB);
  • All of your http or https services;
  • All of your backup processes;
  • Batch processes, for which we can provide tailor-made solutions;
  • If what you are looking for does not feature on this list, contact us and we will see if we can assist you.

Log systems :

What logging analysis tools can we implement? Our solutions are based on paid-for/free solutions from Graylog. We integrate Graylog with Icinga to offer you a tried and tested and flexible monitoring system.

With these tools, you get:

  • Specific and tailor-made extraction rules for your logs;
  • The ability to send alerts by email and via Telegram;
  • Extensive integration between Graylog and Icinga combining classic monitoring and extraction of the information contained in your logs.
  • Extensive integration between Graylog and Icinga combining classic monitoring and extraction of the information contained in your logs.

The basic services covered by our log solution :

  • A log collecting and archiving service;
  • An extraction and indexation service for the most important information from your logs;
  • An interface that allows you to analyse and process the data contained in the archived log;
  • A service that allows you to set up alerts on databases collected by Graylog.

The benefits of our logs & de monitoring offering :

  • All our systems are based on Icinga, a tried and tested monitoring system,
  • Configuration of specific alert or extraction settings;
  • Configuration of alerts using a modern and secure application(telegram), etc.
  • Support in how to use audit data from your databases in Graylog;
  • A service that enables you to select alerts based on data collected by Graylog.

Our charging system


Hourly rate

The different services we provide are charged by variable rates. Contact us for the full range of options. Contact us for the full range of options.

Support contract

Convinced that we work most effectively when we know our partners well, we offer support contracts of varying durations according to your needs and projects.

We have been working with Cartesoft since 2009 They have helped us to see several projects through to completion:server park installation/migration, Oracle database management, Oracle ID management, setting up an OpenShift environment and maintenance contract.

We especially appreciated their high degree of availability and themeasures they took at different levels which were both proactive and reactive. CarteSoft is also accustomed to looking for solutions that are in line with our budget.

If I were asked to highlight 3 of their biggest strengths, I would say: competence,direct lines of communicationand personalised customer service.

We appreciate the type of client relationship they offer us: a constructive basis for pushing thoughsolutions that will work over the long term.

We are only too pleased to recommend this long-standing partner who develops bespoke solutions in line with URBSFA’s IT strategy.

Landsheere Koen

Agile digital IT Manager, URBSFA

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